who we are

video camera technology albany NY

Com Tech has been servicing customers with the latest in communications technology forover 15 years. Paying close attention to our clients technical needs is the a priority for us. Our professional staff has over 30+ years of expertise in the technology industry. Com Tech provides you the expertise in system design, installation and equipment procurement you need.

Com Tech works with clients in the public and private sector. If you are expanding your technology work space: give us a call!  Com Tech will help your transition into new a/v technology smooth and easy.


Where We Are

Com Tech has offices located in the Capital Region and Southern Tier sections of New York State.

From Buffalo to the tip of Long Island, Com Tech has offices and technicians ready to serve your a/v needs.

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How to Contact Us:

Home Office Albany NY: Chuck Zarriello
Fax: 518-456-1245



Ithaca NY Office: Dick Linn







Com Tech Team

Our company is comprised of a team of experts in communications technology